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I AM 360

We are a positive message movement


Our goal is to inspire positivity in a world that is inundated with negative messages. We want to promote new perspective, create unity, encourage acceptance, inspire action, motivate healing, restore hope, and awaken fearless reckless radical love for one another.

Our Start

Our Start

When my oldest son was 18 years old he came home with a tattoo. It was Ephesians 2, shoulder to shoulder with a cross from the top to the bottom of his back. I was aghast. He said, "Mom, it is a positive message. I thought you would love it." My whole life I was the one who could find the good news no matter how bad the situation. I realized that day that there are many ways to create positivity and promote change by messaging of all types, and that absolutely includes tattoos.

Soon after, I started to journal and wrote down positive messages that I would love to share. "One day," I would tell myself, "I am going to start a positive message movement to counteract the negative messaging this world tends to focus on." This movement would shift the focus to the good in people, the value of unity, the fact that love always wins.

We are living in a world that is becoming more stressed and divided every day, and I realized that now more than ever we need people willing to be a positive force to step up and choose to be light and love. The movement can't be "one day" anymore. Now's the time to have hope and be fearless, one positive message at a time.

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Elena Porter, Founder of I AM 360

Our Impact

Our Impact

At I AM 360, we work to change the world on multiple fronts.


Our apparel is based on the positive change we want to see. Each shirt contains a specific message and has a description card to explain what that message means to us.

We donate all profits from every item sold to organizations that do good, in local communities and abroad. We sponsor different charities at different times and are always looking for groups whose missions align with ours. 

We live by the messages we promote. Everyone on our staff actively donates their time and talents to charities, non-profits, and positive organizations. 

We will be the difference. 

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