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Inspirational Speaking

"You can be a difference maker"

Elena Porter 


Founder - I AM 360 


Inspirational Speaker, Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Elena Porter is the pioneer of Christ Centered Yoga.  In 2002, Elena created a unique version of yoga where she combined her Christian faith with the practice of yoga. At that time, if you searched for Christian Yoga on the web, there was nothing to be found.  She started this journey with just two students and over the past 16 years, the yoga ministry has grown to thousands of students. 


I AM 360 was created to represent all that Elena wants to be and influence others to be. “I AM” is a powerful statement of all that is true, good and beautiful.  “360” is about being fully transformed and rooted in love.


Elena's dreams for I AM 360 is to be, and encourage others to be, the difference. She wants to inspire people to be intentional with their words, actions and choices and to pay attention to life and all that is going on around them.


Elena has taken her inspiration on the road. She is speaking to groups on Finding your Happy, Practicing your Purpose, Changing your Story, Being the Difference, and Kindness Matters to encourage all people to live life with purpose, to spread love and light in this world.

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