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The Lemonade Stand: From Sour to Sweet

"Share your story. It's your gift to the world'

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Elena Porter 

Founder - I AM 360 

Featured Author

I am so excited to share with you that I was asked to share my story in the book The Lemonade Stand. I have always said your biggest gift to the world is your story. As I read the book I related to all the authors stories in some way, but most of all I admire the courage and strength each stories conveys of women who choose to not only overcome but become.


Every life story is filled with different chapters. Some are total bliss, some are challenging, and some are life changing. all together, they make you one of a kind. When you embrace your story, you are telling the world that you know each chapter of life provides opportunities to grow, learn and become.

My hope is that you too can see a little of yourself in each story and are encouraged to embrace your sometimes messy, sometimes blissful, sometimes upside-down story.   



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