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The Children's Home Project

TCHP is currently working with 60 Honduran children. They have been separated from their parents do to abuse, abandonment, neglect or a financial crisis within the family.


Many have experienced numerous traumas in their short lives and TCHP seeks to aid them on their path to becoming healthy individuals and contributing members of society.


This will be accomplished by bringing together the resources, abilities and passions of individuals, institutions of faith and businesses in both Honduras and the U.S.


Elena Porter, Founder of I AM 360


Halfway Home Ministries

Halfway Home Ministries was started by Ron and Justine Nelson after years of mission trips to Jamaica’s children’s homes (orphanage).

With their work in these children’s homes they quickly realized that many of these kids were at risk when they turn 18 because they must leave the home. If they did not score high enough in high school to advance to college or technical college, they are left to live on their own.

Halfway Home Ministries decided they wanted to help these young men and women, teaching them skills to become successful in life.

This organization wants everyone to have an opportunity to better their lives with good jobs, so that they can contribute to their community and country. 

Halfway Home Ministries also want these young adults to understand what it means to be a family and to experience the love of Jesus Christ.



From Gangs to Jobs

For years, Natividad Mendoza was a part of a dangerous gang in the city of Fresno, CA and was in and out of prison for the better part of 18 years.


When a judge showed Natividad grace by sending him to rehab instead of back to prison, he decided to open his prison bible. 

In 2004, Natividad completed the Teen Challenge program in Bakersfield, CA and went on to graduate from the Teen Challenge bible college. After Teen Challenge, Natividad was involved with a handful of gang prevention and urban poor organizations before beginning A Cord of Hope in 2008 with a friend, Cliff Porter.

A Cord of Hope sought to help young men out of lives of addiction and violence through means of construction jobs. With the economic recession, however Natividad and Cliff realized they had to broaden their scope and with a renewed focus and vision, From Gangs to Jobs was born.

From Gangs to Jobs helps to educate those in need on topics such as workforce preperation, personal finance, communication skills and life management. 


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