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Change Starts Here

A Company With A Purpose

At I AM 360 our goal is to inspire positivity. We want to promote change through our words, our message and most importanly our actions. Below we have a list of the current companies that we partner with. They embody our goal to inspire, ignite and change. 

When you make a Purchase with I Am 360 the profits go towards these organizations and their mission to make a positive impact on the world. 

We also support organizations with their outreach events. If your organization is having an event that you'd like us to be involved in, please reach out to us and let us know! We'd love to be a part of it.  

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The Children Home Project

The Children's Home Project

TCHP is currently working with 60 Honduran children. They have been separated from their parents do to abuse, abandonment, neglect or a financial crisis within the family.


Many have experienced numerous traumas in their short lives and TCHP seeks to aid them on their path to becoming healthy individuals and contributing members of society.


This will be accomplished by bringing together the resources, abilities and passions of individuals, institutions of faith and businesses in both Honduras and the U.S.

Elena Porter, Founder of I AM 360

Hope for the Homeless

Hope for the Homeless


HOPE for the Homeless organizes Recovery meetings and brings them to the Homeless where they gather, like the Andre House and C.A.S.S.. We also support those meeting attendees with food, blankets, clothes, new socks/underwear, toiletries and other basic necessities that we package in our HOPE bags. The ultimate mission is to have a inpatient recovery rehab dedicated to serving the homeless.

The Furniture Bank

The Furniture Bank

The Furniture Bank is a Phoenix-based 501c3 Non-profit Public Charity founded in 2012 to assist the less fortunate moving into housing by providing furniture and household items. Many of these individuals, including children, do not have a bed or other necessities to take to their new home.  Furniture Bank in partnership with the referring Social Service Agency, Helping Organization, and or Faith Based Community creates a positive and comfortable environment they can call home and put the stigma of being homeless in the past.    

The Furniture Bank team's ultimate goal is to join forces with the community to furnish each house with beds, furniture, linens, household items, food, groceries, toiletries, etc. We want each family to walk into a space live-in ready! We want to turn a house into a home. We are in the hand-UP business and NOT the hand-OUT game! Please help us to help others by joining the team today!

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